Ron Stein

Ron Stein


Ron Stein is a licensed investigator who has extensive experience and training as a counselor, researcher, facilitator and educator. He has excellent critical thinking skills, outstanding written and verbal communication skills and his expertise has helped a number of clients win judgments in court.

Mr. Stein is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the State of Texas, a Certified Employment Specialist and a Certified Mediator. He understands cross-cultural needs, utilizes motivational interviewing, works independently and as a team member, is knowledgeable of legal and ethical standards for clients and is familiar with mental health and substance abuse assessments.

He is a psychology professor at Mountain View College in Dallas, a member of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals and program director at Milestone Recovery Treatment Center in Euless, Texas. He also has worked as a grief counselor and a suicide and crisis intervention counselor and has owned and managed several businesses.

Experience and Skills

  • Collecting information by way of surveillance, public records, interviews and computer data searches
  • Video surveillance and gathering witness statements
  • Domestic and employee-theft investigations
  • Counterfeit cases
  • Working in close collaboration with law enforcement agencies

Education and Training

  • A masters degree in counseling from Sonoma State University
  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology/sociology from San Jose State University
  • Continuing education and research in the field through ongoing graduate courses and other professional development