What Is an Attorney-led Investigation?

What Is an Attorney-led Investigation?

At Bearden Investigative Agency, all of our investigations are led by an attorney, meaning:

  • A licensed attorney is leading the investigation from the start. All active cases are managed by attorneys.
  • The investigation will always have a set of “legal eyes” working on it.
  • We know how to legally and ethically gather information and evidence so that it can be used in a legal proceeding.
  • We understand the legal profession and how to properly navigate it.
  • We know what can and can’t be introduced in a legal proceeding and are able to focus on what’s needed for the case.
  • We provide expert testimony in legal proceedings to support or refute evidence presented in the courtroom.

Our attorney-led investigations set us apart in the profession. When you choose Bearden Investigative Agency, you are hiring an expert team of educated, trained and skilled investigators who are held to the highest standards in the field. In addition:

  • Investigators are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, with experience, or a corresponding increase in experience.
  • Managers are required to have a post-bachelor’s education.
  • Many senior investigators hold masters’ degrees or other professional degrees and certifications. 
  • All employees are required to have spotless criminal records and to maintain impeccable personal conduct standards while employed by the firm.
  • Each employee is required to have an area of specialty and to achieve levels of continuing education in excess of the state’s minimum requirements.
  • Employees undergo routine testing and evaluations to maintain quality performance. 

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