What Should I Expect?

What Should I Expect?

What can I expect once I hire Bearden Investigative Agency?

Our mission is to conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation that will provide you with the information and evidence you need. We start working on that goal the moment you hire us.

Here’s what you should expect when you hire our agency:

  • Things will happen quickly. Our agency works at a fast pace and we will start to deliver information to you almost immediately, first verbally and then with detailed written reports.
  • You will be updated thoroughly and frequently about developments in your case. We know that information is power and that it provides peace of mind.  
  • Easy access to the team. If you have a question for us, we will answer it. If you need a status update, we will provide it. We make ourselves readily available to you should you ever need to discuss your case.
  • Information. You will be given as much information as possible, whether it is from surveillance, a witness interview, a records search or other investigative effort.
  • A customized approach. We understand that each case follows its own path. We have the experience and expertise to evaluate and analyze information along the way and recommend additional actions or changes that may be needed.
  • Collaboration. We don’t enter into engagements with the mindset that it will be a one-way relationship. We work collaboratively with you. Our attorney-led team not only gathers information for you, we help you make decisions on what to do with it.
  • Flexibility. We know a situation can change suddenly, and we are able to respond quickly to new developments in order to stay in front of the investigation and your needs.

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