Computer and Mobile Forensics

Computer and Mobile Forensics

Bearden Investigative Agency fully understands that in today’s world, data matters. Computer and mobile forensics is a forensic examination of computers and mobile devices. This service is an increasingly important component of many investigations, from family law cases to complex corporate cases.

What is a Mobile Forensics Investigation?

A mobile forensics investigation may include a full data retrieval operation on a smartphone or other PDA device, including any optional memory cards.

Smartphones store an incredible amount of information, some unintentionally. The same is true for other mobile devices and personal computers. But it is important to access any such information lawfully so it can be used to your benefit. We are a national leader in accessing, obtaining and preserving every byte of data properly, ethically and legally.

Our investigators can properly retrieve data from devices and preserve the data under forensically acceptable conditions. We know there is no point in obtaining information that cannot be presented in court or other legal proceedings.  

Did you know …

  • No video or picture taken on a cell phone is ever lost! Even after deleting, we are able to recover and document the digital imprint that remains.
  • We extract a detailed GPS history of the device which includes maps and routes. Where was the user on the date and time in question?  What were they doing?  Who were they with?  What devices were connected via Bluetooth?  We can answer all these questions.
  • Social medial activity on the device is documented in detail. Every tweet, like, share, swipe and comment are there for our review. We’ve seen it all, and this aspect of mobile forensics typically provides an eye opening wealth of information.
  • Our software evaluates all incoming and outgoing calls relative to the device. We track and analyze the call log to provide you with a concise and admissible document.
  • Contacts are key! We gain valuable insight by evaluating information tied to contacts. From contacts entered and altered by the user to ones retrieved from other sources, we are able to make detailed associations and analysis of this data.
  • Gaining access to the user’s daily activities by analyzing Calendars and Scheduled Tasks is invaluable.
  • We run specific searches for terminology, words or phrases – Looking for use of company branded terminology in communications?  We can provide every incident.  

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss computer and mobile forensics investigations. 

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