Eva Vigh

Eva Vigh

Investigative Research Coordinator

Eva Vigh joined Bearden Investigative Agency in 2022 and comes with a background as an investigative journalist. She has experience uncovering corruption as well as managing a variety of high profile cases for law firms. Bearden Investigative Agency prides itself on documenting and preserving the facts so they are admissible in court. Eva Vigh’s journalistic approach to her investigations mirrors the standards BIA has set forth for their investigative documentations for the last 50 years. Additionally, Ms. Vigh is bilingual and speaks both English and Hungarian. As an international investigative agency, we frequently conduct business overseas and value the ability to effectively communicate with our clients in a variety of languages. We are excited to welcome Eva Vigh to the team!

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  • Graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Communication & Journalism

Skills and Certifications

  • Licensed Investigator in the state of Texas
  • Proficient using LexisNexis, Spokeo, and a variety of other background investigative tools
  • Skilled journalistic approach to investigations, providing detailed and comprehensive reports that are admissible in court