Surveillance is an Essential Element of Many Investigations

Surveillance can be an essential element of many investigations, and nobody does it more professionally and discreetly than Bearden Investigative Agency. Conducting proper and thorough surveillance involves the use of the most modern technology, but it also requires the type of seasoned know-how our agency has gained through over 50 years of experience in the field. We know when, where, and how to conduct productive surveillance. We know each case has unique needs, and each person under surveillance has different habits and routines. 


Surveillance is more than just taking pictures of people while they are out in public. It’s about developing patterns, observing behavior, and obtaining the best evidence so you have a witness to testify on your behalf. People are creatures of habit. That means that once we can develop a pattern for an individual, it makes surveillance much easier.  It allows us to stay ahead and be prepared for what someone might do next. 

The other critical piece when it comes to surveillance is that we watch people, not cars! We follow individuals to see where they go, who they meet with, see who their associates are, and possibly develop additional leads for your case. What sets us apart from other agencies is that our investigators are attorney-led. When our agents are in the field conducting surveillance, they do so responsibly, ethically, and professionally, so that the information obtained from it can be used in court and other legal proceedings.  

Beyond our own skilled personnel, we have access to a large pool of specialized professionals nationwide and internationally who are pre-qualified and expertly trained and can be quickly utilized when needed.

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