Private Investigators Provide Compelling Expert Testimony

Top attorneys nationwide can agree that private investigators often play a crucial role in trial preparation as well as provide expert witness testimony in court. When you choose an agency for your investigations, it is important that they understand the role of an expert witness. Bearden Investigative Agency is an attorney-led firm, which gives us a strong understanding of the requirements of your case. It is extremely important that the evidence gathered is admissible in court and compliments all the case materials you have on hand. The experienced team of investigators at Bearden Investigative Agency have provided compelling expert testimony for over 50 years.

Many legal matters can benefit from hiring an expert to help represent a party’s claims in court. Depending on the nature of the case, experts from a variety of professions can lend their services to legal counsel for the purpose of bolstering a case or refuting damaging complaints and testimony from the opposing counsel. Because licensed private investigators are trained to uncover and preserve the facts, investigators are often the first call for attorneys.

There are a number of ways investigators provide crucial support during trial preparation and trial:

Experts chosen by counsel to testify will typically be judged by their credentials, work history, education, reputation, and general professionalism, as well as how they present their testimony. Obviously, the better qualified an expert is, the more weight they tend to carry in legal proceedings. Our firm has over 50 years of experience as an established, time-tested resource for lawyers, corporations, and individuals in need of discrete, ethical lawyer-led private investigations. Our clients trust us to handle witnesses appropriately without crossing ethical lines. Since 1972, we have conducted investigations in all 50 states and more than 40 foreign countries. We are proud of our long-lasting relationships built on trust and dependability.

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