Security Assessments – Arming companies with knowledge

Everyone knows how crucial security is and how it must be embedded into everything an organization does. However, oftentimes business interests, facilities, staff, and assets are easily mismanaged simply due to a lack of knowledge or expertise in the security field. Many companies hire outside vendors to address security needs and some choose to address this internally. No matter how your security needs are addressed, you will benefit from a professional security assessment from our security consultant at Bearden Investigative Agency.  

Who can benefit from a security assessment? 

  • Anyone currently looking to create a Request for Proposal (RFP) to submit for bids to security providers.
  • Any business evaluating their current security contract and budget to ensure they are negotiating the best rate. 
  • Businesses looking internally to address the effectiveness of their current security plan. 
  • new business looking to add security. 
  • Banking Institutions, Schools, High Rises, Apartment Complexes, Gated Communities, Factories, Warehouses, etc. 

 What is involved in a Security Assessment? 

  • Site Visit: Our security consultant will schedule a site visit where they will spend 2-3 days reviewing your facility. Site visits can be scheduled and performed nationwide.  
    • Day 1-2: No one will be aware we are on site except for the individuals who hire us. This anonymity allows us to paint an accurate picture of your current security needs. We challenge doors, challenge entrance and egress of buildings, look at lighting, staircases, traffic flow and other vulnerability points. We document our experience through your entire facility and see if we were challenged by people in the buildingThis can take 1-2 days depending on the size of your facility. 
    • Day 3: We meet with you to discuss our reported findings (Security assessment report) and detail the experience we had the day prior 
  • Security Assessment Report: You will receive a comprehensive document indicating the weaknesses, vulnerability points, threats, as well as strengths of your current facility and/or security team. In your report you will also receive recommendations for security needs based on what is important to you and what is important for the safety of the employees and assets at your location. We look at what is practical, we look at your budget, and then we prioritize and discuss recommendations based on your valued needs, business philosophy, and budget

When we partner to do a security assessment, we partner with YOU Whether your need is big or small, we work for you and your company to help guide you through the bidding process in order to ensure your needs are met within an appropriate budget. We give you all the information you will need in order to request a bid from various vendors or to establish/amend your current internal security departmentWe work on your behalf to ensure your company values and security needs are met while addressing cost effectiveness and reducing budgetary waste. 

Arm yourself with the best knowledge and information to feel comfortable completing your RFP (request for proposal) for security services by partnering with our Security Consultant at Bearden Investigative Agency. Contact our attorney-led agents today 1.800.943.2670 or email us at