Family Law Investigations: Part II – Asset Search & Child Support

The second installment in our Family Law Investigations series discusses the importance of enlisting a licensed private investigator to perform asset searches as it relates to division of property and Child Support determination. Whether you are an attorney representing clients or you are someone who is representing themselves in family court, the attorney led agents at Bearden Investigative Agency are here to help.

Part II: Asset Search & Child Support

You were able to negotiate custody arrangements and now you’re faced with dividing assets and determining child support. If you thought custody negotiations were bad, hold on tight. Division of assets and child support determinations can be just as, if not more, challenging. People generally don’t like to part with money and the result is sometimes a less than honest party hiding assets to avoid paying their former partner what they are rightfully owed.

The private investigators at Bearden Investigative Agency work with divorce attorneys, mediators, and individual clients, to verify, locate, and uncover all hidden assets. This information is crucial to ensure you receive what is rightfully yours in your divorce proceedings. Whether you are dividing assets or you are in need of a more accurate monthly child support determination, our licensed skilled investigators have extensive experience uncovering hidden assets and providing you the evidence you need in court.

How much should I pay/receive for Child Support?

If you are the custodial parent or have sole custody or your child(ren), your former spouse has an obligation to help provide for their children. Accurately determining child support ensures that children of divorce are financially provided for in a manner that they are accustomed to prior to the divorce. Because laws are determined on the state level, it’s important you familiarize yourself with your state’s divorce/ child support regulations.




Especially in cases where a spouse is self-employed or a business owner, it is important to accurately establish assets and income before determining child support. Sometimes the only way to do this is with the help of an investigator.

What should I do if I have a complaint about Child Support?

Complaints are common when it comes to Child Support. They usually fall in 2 general categories.

  • Dishonest Parent: In divorce proceedings, one person may attempt to hide assets they don’t want to share or believe they have sole rights to. When both parties are not honest about their assets, it’s not just the former partner who is cheated. Children are wronged when the amount of child support is lower than what it should be.
  • Deadbeat Parent: Sadly, all too often a former spouse neglects their child support payments.  You deserve to know why and are owed those missed child support payments. Perhaps there is a legitimate reason your ex isn’t paying when he or she should (such as loss of employment) but it’s important to verify exactly why that is the case. The information a private investigator can supply is important in order to work with your divorce attorney to legally secure support.

If you are experiencing either of the above complaints, contact an agent at Bearden Investigative Agency to perform an extensive asset and background search. Ensure you have all the facts you need for your divorce and child support hearings.

What information will be uncovered in an Asset Search?

Oftentimes we have clients who come to us after spending countless unproductive hours on their own trying to “investigate” only to hit a brick wall. During a time when emotions are already high, the tedious and often dead end process for individuals can be draining. If you are dealing with a dishonest former spouse, remove the emotional and time consuming burden of trying to determine hidden assets by hiring the skilled investigators at BIA. A skilled investigator has the resources to determine the following:

  • Current whereabouts of your former spouse (if unknown)
  • Current employment – In many states, income deduction orders are authorized in all cases. Some states do not automatically order wage garnishments until the paying party begins owing back child support. An accurate place of employment with contact information will be needed for garnishment of wages.
  • A detailed list of all tangible assets, from real estate to vehicles.

Why should I hire BIA to conduct an Asset Search?

At Bearden Investigative Agency, our private investigations are compliant with federal regulations and privacy laws. Our asset searches are individualized based on your unique situation. We conduct successful detailed asset searches in all 50 states and around the world. Our attorney-led agents know where to look to find hidden assets. Documentation we provide is admissible in court, helping you quickly move forward with an accurate and fair determination of assets for division of property and child support.

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