Healthcare Compliance & Regulatory Services

It is almost impossible to overstate the complexity of healthcare compliance and risk management. The relentless laws, rules, regulations and standards that apply to healthcare organizations and healthcare providers can be overwhelming.  Healthcare organizations and providers are not only required to comply with the Medicare rules and regulations, but they are also required to comply with numerous other federal and state healthcare laws, rules and regulations. 

Government oversight and regulation of healthcare is not going anywhere and will likely increase as government agencies and other third-party payers implement more quality-based requirements. Because of this, healthcare organizations and providers need someone who can assist them in identifying potential compliance issues and areas of risk. 

 At Bearden Investigative Agency, we can help identify areas that may put your healthcare operation at risk. Utilizing tools like potential partner vetting, procedural reviews, company histories and more, we focus on the following largest risk and compliance issues that healthcare professionals face: 

  • HIPAA & Data Breaches – Electronic data breaches have become a significant problem in all industries but can prove to be particularly devastating to the healthcare industry. In response, nearly all states have now developed their own individual laws to combat data breaches.   
  • Anti-Kickback & Physician Hospital Issues – Hospitals must make certain all physician relationships are not simply a means to obtain payments for physicians for referrals.  
  • Stark Law on Physician Hospital Relationships – Doctors are not allowed to refer patients for services that are to be reimbursed by federal healthcare programs to any organization with which the doctor has any type of compensation arrangement or interest.  
  • Co-management Arrangements – Co-management arrangements refer to agreements in which a hospital compensates physicians for fulfilling certain duties while meeting performance objectives. 

At Bearden Investigative Agency, we offer the following Healthcare Compliance and Regulatory services:

  • Both physical and cyber security vulnerability testing 
  • Background checks and vetting solutions on potential partners and business histories on companies you might work with. 
  • Our team of experts will review your current business model and bring any potential red flags to your attention. 

Contact the skilled agents at Bearden Investigative Agency to ensure you and/or your Healthcare organization are in compliance with all Healthcare regulations. 1.800.943.2670


by: Shawn Underwood

August, 2020