Mitigating Risk Through Background Surveillance

Prior to establishing a relationship with a business or individual, it is important to conduct a thorough background investigation to mitigate any potential risks. Very often, corporations and individuals enlist the services of the highly skilled investigators at Bearden Investigative Agency, to conduct deep background checks that go well beyond the average superficial inquiry. Our in-depth background investigations have helped major corporations, as well as small firms, verify that the business and/ or individual they are seeking to do business with is reputable and that their image is not marred by judgments, liens, bankruptcy, or civil actions. Conducting business in today’s reality can be risky. Alleviate that risk by employing the services of Bearden Investigative Agency.

Save your business or firm future strife and headaches by utilizing the following steps to conduct a basic background check:

Obtain Basic Company Information:

All companies must abide by local laws and rules, therefore; city or county local records are a good place to start. These records will provide information about the origin of the firm, judgements filed, any tax liens, criminal complaints, or actions pending against the company or its principals. This information is typically public record and accessible to everyone.  The Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce are additional sources to reference as these organizations focus on advancing consumer trust and maintain open records of complaints.

Company Credit Reports

Before a company engages in a working relationship with another company, it is crucial to know the company’s credit rating. Knowing what liabilities they may face should they engage in business can be a significant factor when determining the legitimacy and viability of a company. Company credit reports are available for anyone to review. The three major credit bureaus are a good place to start as well as Dun & Bradstreet. While company credit reports are public, personal credit reports are not.

Confirming Assets

Readily available to the public, the city or county assessor’s office is the venue for property records.  Basic assets are real estate, automobiles, or other significant properties. Understanding a company’s assets as well as any liens or mortgages they have can be a vital piece of information needed prior to engaging in business with them. In accordance to the Uniform Commercial Code filing rules, every state governs loans between individuals and companies. Therefore, the information regarding property, equipment or vehicles used for collateral, as well as the debtor parties and secured parties, can be discoverable.

Verify References and Reputation:

It is important to verify and personally contact references by telephone or email prior to engaging in business with that company or individual. Typically, clients or former clients can paint an informative picture of the company or individual’s overall reputation.  Corporate and professional licensing also provides valuable information. Certify a company or individual’s reliability and integrity by verifying their professional license numbers. Obtain the names of company owners or managing partners. Cross-reference company trade names with owners or directors “doing business as.”  

Various agencies maintain public records containing detailed information for businesses and professional or corporate entities. In most states, the Secretary of State maintains a corporation database that enables the general public to search partnerships, corporations and LLC’s. If the business investigated is a corporate entity, it will have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), which can provide information regarding the workforce and employee compensation. The following agencies can be utilized when conducting a company background investigation:

  • State Corporation Commission
  • Secretary of State’s Department of Professional Regulation
  • State Accountancy Board
  • State Registrar of Contractors

When the Basics are Not Enough

 Often times, companies find that a basic in-house background search is not sufficient to mitigate potential risk, so they enlist the help of Bearden Investigative Agency to perform a more in-depth inquiry into the activities of a company or individual. Primarily, the issue of past or present litigation becomes a key component in understanding the overall business practices of the investigated company. As an attorney-led, full-service agency, we combine our experience, expertise, and legal knowledge, along with a sophisticated in-house computer system and information network to deliver superior deep background investigations. Our highly in-depth confidential business and personal background investigations can be the difference between success and failure for a company. Don’t make an uninformed decision, get all the facts by contacting Bearden Investigative Agency at 1.800.943.2670