BIA Adapts During Pandemic & Perseveres

During these unprecedented times, as many companies globally are at a standstill or greatly interrupted in their business, Bearden Investigative Agency has quickly adapted their daily practices during this pandemic & continue to persevere. With an agile business model BIA already had infrastructure in place to be flexible and resilient in the face of the pandemic restrictions without missing a beat.

Wes Bearden, CEO and Chairman of Bearden Investigative Agency, issued a memo to all employees immediately after social distancing was mandated, that spelled out how the agency will adapt to the new reality while still providing the level of service and expertise BIA is recognized for globally. 

“This is uncharted territory and we must cautiously but courageously develop a strategy that adheres to the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients, and the community,” said Bearden. “I have no doubt this new normal, while temporary, may be something we may face again in the future. How we carefully craft and execute a roadmap for investigations during this pandemic will be instrumental in avoiding interruptions in the future.”

Agents are staggering work hours to keep appropriate physical distance from co-workers, conducting more witness interviews over the phone, and wearing protective masks and gloves when appropriate. Meetings are held via secure teleconference as much as possible. Mobile surveillance is conducted when appropriate, and curbside evidence is proving incredibly fruitful during a time when people are home more frequently.

Bearden Investigative Agency has adapted and adjusted to the coronavirus outbreak and the extensive changes it has imposed on all facets of American life. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offices in Ft. Worth, Houston, and New Orleans, agents are standing by to meet the needs of our global clients. 1.800.943.2670