Remote Online Notary Services

Remote Online Notary (RON) Services were approved for use in Texas on January 1, 2020 and Bearden Investigative Agency immediately took advantage of this unique opportunity.  Offering Remote Online Notary services allows us to provide notarization using online means and from remote locations. This is an excellent service for people during a crisis where social distancing is required and in-person notarization is not possible.

Offering Remote Online Notary services is an added benefit when interviewing on the phone. It allows affidavits to be written and notarized from a distance and not in person adding a whole new level of flexibility to our services. The process for this is simple, contact our office and provide us with the documents you require notarizing. An appointment will be made for you to log in to the secure platform where your ID will be verified at log in.  The notarization is performed using a recorded video service to capture the parties present and the documents are returned to you with the electronic notary seal.

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