Meet Anthony Hegg – Director of Investigations

Meet Anthony Hegg

DIRECTOR OF INVESTIGATIONS, Bearden Investigative Agency

August 24, 2021

Anthony Hegg joined Bearden Investigative Agency in 2021 and serves as Director of Investigations. With extensive experience in luxury retail and operations management services, Mr. Hegg is an experienced and autonomous leader. Throughout his 20+ year career in retail loss prevention & asset protection, investigation, covert surveillance, and security, Anthony Hegg has developed a comprehensive approach that produces measured results that stand up in a court of law. His management style is motivational and focuses on developing successful, detail oriented investigators that excel in a fast-paced environment. 

Having knowledge of the success of Bearden Investigative Agency and its lengthy tenure in the industry, Mr. Hegg was eager for the opportunity to work as Director of Investigations. Moving himself and his family from California to Dallas, Texas in the middle of a pandemic and the hot summer months was no small task, but Mr. Hegg hit the ground running the moment he arrived. 

“I am pleased to join such a well-respected team of attorneys and agents and I look forward to assisting their investigations as Director of Investigations.” ~ Anthony Hegg