Hear from Wes Bearden on PI Perspectives Podcast, Episode #190

Wes Bearden PI Perspectives Podcast Guest

Wes Bearden, Chairman of the Board of Bearden Investigative Agency, was a guest on the PI Perspectives Podcast this week.

PI Perspectives is a weekly podcast run by private investigator, Matt Spaier. Joining Wes on this week’s podcast was Alex Urbelis, Mike Lacorte, and Scot Walker. Episode #190 which aired on June 4, 2023, is packed with great content as this panel of guests discussed a very hot topic right now… Artificial Intelligence, Deep Fakes and how they are affecting the investigation industry. It is clear to see, even in the early states of AI development, that this new technology has the power to shape the future of the investigative industry.

Tune in to hear from experts in the investigative industry who weigh in on the affects of AI.  

Episode #190 of PI Perspectives: AI Roundtable with Alex Urbelis, Mike Lacorte, Scot Walker & Wes Bearden