Team Surveillance Proves Invaluable in the Field

Surveillance is one of the most commonly requested or required investigative services we provide for our clients. There is nothing quite as powerful as factual evidence of a person’s whereabouts and daily behaviors. Properly conducted surveillances yield incredible results that can make or break a case in court or greatly help with personal or business negotiations. What sets Bearden Investigative Agency apart from many other agencies is our utilization of Team Surveillance. When clients contact BIA, they enlist the support of a team of investigators working in tandem to achieve the best possible results. Rather than a single agent working on a surveillance case, our team works together to ensure there is flexibility and versatility in the field.

Team Surveillance Provided Needed Flexibility

Recently, three of our investigators worked together surveilling a subject that was leaving on a flight out of town in the afternoon. The airport and flight were unknown, and we needed to follow closely to ensure one of our investigators made it on the correct flight to continue following the subject across state lines. At various points throughout the morning, the use of multiple investigators working together on this surveillance proved critical to our success. The team surveillance allowed us to maintain sight of the subject despite traffic conditions and strategically position vehicles to provide total coverage, while maintaining flexibility to react to the unknown. 

Not knowing which airport was a challenge, but having multiple investigators allowed us to position at both nearby airports to ensure one of our agents would in fact successfully make it on the identical flight. By rotating vehicles and agents, the subject never suspected they were being followed and after a full day of team surveillance, we were able to ascertain the airport and exact flight so our investigators could continue their work.

If you require surveillance work, it is important to ask the investigator working on your case if they utilize Team Surveillance. While individual surveillance work is not unheard of, in fact many investigators do not have the manpower to do it differently, the use of team surveillance is far superior and preferred. Team Surveillance consistently reduces risk of exposure and greatly increases positive outcomes. Contact the team of investigators at Bearden Investigative Agency to learn more about Team Surveillance and discover how our techniques can achieve the best possible results for your case. 1.800.943.2670