Deep Background Checks Provide Factual Data for Sound Decisions

Basic vs. Deep Background Checks

Have you ever Googled yourself or someone else? The information provided is far from accurate. It’s typically jumbled with an array of useless information and pictures not associated with you or the person you are googling. Because of that, it’s difficult to paint a clear picture of who a person is just by Googling them. Likewise, a simple background check very often only returns basic information that does not clearly provide true historical data. Inexpensive online “background check” services are not much better. The saying “you get what you pay for” is apropos in this situation. $25 will only get you some basic information about addresses and phone numbers…clearly not enough data about a person to make an informed decision.

Bearden Investigative Agency conducts deep background investigations that go FAR beyond the average inquiry. We don’t perform simple background checks or searches. We scrutinize a person’s longtime history and background, creating a detailed narrative about the individual.

There are multiple reasons why someone may want to dig a little deeper into a person’s past. Individuals are often inclined to seek information about a new partner to avoid past mistakes. Employers request deep background checks to ensure C-level candidate backgrounds are compatible with a company’s mission and values prior to hiring. Political candidates regularly run deep background checks on their opponents to gather historical data to use in their campaigns. Attorneys request deep background checks on potential witnesses to ensure they are reliable and credible.

Our deep background investigations provide clients with all the data they need to make an informed, educated decision about an individual. For example, when it comes to selecting a new CEO or a board member, your company needs to know:

  • The individual’s business interests, contacts, work relationships and friendships.
  • Whether the individual’s professional and personal backgrounds conflict with your corporate image.
  • If the individual is or has been involved in activities that could harm or embarrass the company.
  • If there are criticisms and/or complaints against the individual. If there are, do they have merit?

We are an attorney-led, full-service agency that combines our experience and expertise with a sophisticated in-house computer system and information network to deliver superior deep background investigations. When a client enlists our support to run a deep background check on an individual, we provide a detailed dossier with all the facts needed to make an informed decision.

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