From Dallas to New Delhi

I recently returned from this year’s World Association of Detectives annual conference in New Delhi, India, and I can say with certainty that few conferences I have attended involve as much pomp and circumstance as this year’s conference. Founded in 1925, the World Association of Detectives is a global alliance of Investigators and Security professionals of which I am an active member. The local members in New Delhi created an excellent atmosphere of comradery and global networking all while entertaining us with great panache.

Given the number of international investigations that we at Bearden Investigative Agency conduct, attendance at these conferences is extremely important. We learn about the subtle nuances of conducting investigations in foreign countries. We gain knowledge of their particular laws, customs, and economy. Awareness of laws and procedures is a crucial step to maximize operations when conducting investigations in a specific country.

Networking during this conference is one of the primary reasons we attend such events. The opportunity to interact both intellectually and socially with investigators from around the world allows us to strengthen our global contacts.  When the time comes for case in a foreign locale, Bearden Investigative Agency has a great advantage over most agencies due to the network of international contacts we have met, shared a laugh with, and know that we can trust.

Attendance at this year’s World Association of Detectives in New Delhi provided in-depth insight, as well as methods and mechanisms to counter global corruption, cyber security, risk management, and international corporate investigations.  The knowledge as well as network of international investigators and contacts we have cultivated within this organization is an essential element that leads to success in our many international operations.