Martin Hernandez

Martin Hernandez


Martin Hernandez is an experienced investigator who joined Bearden Investigative Agency in 2010. Acting as Lead Investigator, Mr. Hernandez oversees all investigations, background investigations, and security details. As Investigator Coordinator, he is responsible for the scheduling and coordination of investigations, as well as the training and continuing education of the agency investigators. Martin Hernandez brings to the agency a wealth of over 25 years experience as a Private Investigator, Undercover Investigator, Personal Protection Officer, and Level 2,3,& 4 Security Officer. 

Prior to Bearden Investigative Agency, Mr. Hernandez worked at various agencies as private investigator, personal protection officer, background investigator, domestic surveillance agent, and claims investigator. 

Licenses and Organizations

  • Registered Private Investigator in the State of Texas
  • Licensed Level 2,3, and 4 Security Officer
  • CHL Holder
  • CERT Certified in Kaufman and Rowlett
  • Texas Notary
  • Private Process Server licensed in Texas Supreme Court