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Surveillance & Privacy Law

IOWA ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS  September 13, 2018 JAMES “WES” BEARDEN, ATTORNEY Bearden Investigative Agency, Inc. © 2018 Bearden Investigative Agency, Inc. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: This outline is for the purposes of CLE or other organized training. Although several...
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GDPR: Four Letters that have Dominated Headlines

If you have spent any amount of time online recently, then it’s likely you have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is a piece of legislation governing data privacy in the European Union that came into effect on...
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At Home DNA Testing Kits: Who Owns Your DNA?

At Home DNA Testing Kits: Who Owns Your DNA? Over the past several years, at-home DNA testing kits have become increasingly popular. The market for such testing was estimated at $70 million in 2015 and is rising quickly given the...
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